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ERRORM=Queue full

Hi there,

Has anybody seen this message on the telnet console?

ERRORM=Queue full - command rejected.

I assume that something in my code is upsetting the amx, but I'm not sure. It is happening every 6 minutes or so.

Show buffers doesn't show any tasks pending.



  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    That doesn't look like a "standard" master error message (unless it's just obscure enough I haven't seen it). Perhaps one of your modules is generating it? The message queue to the master itself can fill up, but the error message generated doesn't look like that, and generally you get lots of "pending" messages before it happens.
  • dnahmandnahman Posts: 28
    Its definitely not a message from my code. I have three systems that are running identical code, and I just noticed that the one where I ran the Queue_and_Threshold_Sizes.axi file doesn't appear to be throwing the same message. I'm going to try adjusting the queue sizes manually on the other systems to match. I'll post my results when I have a chance to do this.

  • Generally, this is a message from a module that you are using. The module's buffer has filled up and it rejects any additional commands. Most modules have a timeout value that causes the active command to be discarded if the device does not reply within the timeout period. It sounds like there is a communications problem along with your program flooding the module with commands.

    If you have more than one module in your program, it is tough trying to figure out which one is giving you the message. Most modules have a feature that allows you to SEND_COMMAND virtual device,'DEBUG=1' that should give you a bit more information on what is going wrong.
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