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I am controlling B&O from an MVP8400. I have to use the Panel's on board IR for it all to perform reasonably. But there is an issue.
When the number buttons are pressed it's getting a double pulse from the IR port. AMX seems to be sending on Push and Release of the button.
This is a problem with a few buttons such as the Channel Buttons and Track Next/Track Previous buttons.

The IR codes I am using were recorded myself. I recorded these using a ?short press? method to capture the codes.
I have tried doing a continuos press to record as and had issues with them also (although I can't recall what they were). Any suggestions for this?

I was told by the local distributor that there's nothing that can be done, but I thought I'd try here anyway...


  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I would try capturing our IR on a third-party remote, like a Pronto, first, then re-captuing that to your MVP. This may also allow you to use a master IR port instead of the panel IR. I used to be a B&O dealer, but we spun that off to a series of specialty stores that are still owned by the owner of my shop, but we have no real connection any more ... but in any case, back when I did work with them a lot, I do recall that their IR was just funky. They don't use the same standards, their carrier frequency is higher than most, and their IR is two-way and expects a response from the controlled device when working with their remote (only IR remote I have ever seen with true feedback). I don't know how much they have changed since I stopped working with them, but the final answer might really be there is nothing you can do.

    I also recall there being a bunch of black boxes out there that let you connect a non-B&O device to one of their systems, that would control it like a native device. Perhaps you can find one that goes the other way and lets you control the B&O with more standard methods. If you are totally stuck, I can contact our B&O tech for you. He's an authorized B&O tech and does their local warranty work on the east coast. I'm not sure he can help, but he knows a heck of a lot more about B&O than anyone else I can think of.
  • htnhtn Posts: 5
    B&o Ir

    The B&O IR protocol is at 455Khz, the codes are very long, but transmitted fast.
    If you can limit the time where the code is transmitting that should solve your problem.
    eks. only transmit the B&O code for less then 100ms
    Hope this helps
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