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Lutron HWI with TCP/IP



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    John PaulJohn Paul Posts: 143
    I have tried the 'show notify' and show remote' telnet commands to the different masters and i have attached the responses i received from the masters. Master 3 is having the main code and its a ni3100 , while the rest of the masters are ni3100 sig. I have updated the masters firmware to 3.50.430, but i was not able to update the ni3100 device firmware to 1.20.7 from 1.13.7 even after updating its duet master firmware to 3.50.430. Even after the firmware upgrades i am still not getting the channels to turn on/off based on the lutron feedback
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    John PaulJohn Paul Posts: 143
    Since i have written a code now to poll the device after 10 secs, i am atleast able to get the touchpanels channels to turn on/off after 10 secs in the masters which are not able to turn on/off the touch panel channels before.
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    depsdeps Posts: 27
    adys wrote: »
    Hello Guys

    I am having problems too to connect to lutron p5...

    I am using the last module from the site -


    Hello! Where can I finf this module files? Could you please send it to deps@ua.fm please?
    Thank you!
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