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Is anyone controlling Sony products using the s-link port via Netlinx? If so, I'd appreciate if someone could point me to some info on it. TIA.

-- John


  • Hi John
    What type of products? I am currently working of a program that has 2 Sony rear screen projectors that are using s-link. Depending on the product they may require an interface box that Sony has.
  • www.blackboxdesigns.com has a box (SAVR) that does Sony protocols (Control-A1/Control-A1 II and SIRCS control-S) from/to serial.

    I am currently using one to get into Netlinx remote control codes sent to a TV that has a Control-S output. Works like a charm, except the IR timing is gone and it is impossible to detect HOLDs vs PUSHes.

    Hope this helps

  • Hi Fred
    Would you know if this box is cheaper than the Sony interface?
  • Thanks guys. I wasn't aware that Sony had an interface box. The Blackbox product looks pretty slick. As far as communications, are the serial port protocols published or an RS232 command set? [EDIT: I found the serial port protocols]

    Fred, Thanks for the link to the Blackbox product. Sorry, I'm a little confused though. Are you using it to generate IR codes to the TV or are you polling the TV through the S-Link after the IR codes are sent?

    Thomas, I don't have any specific devices that we need to implement immediately. Given the fact that we run across so much Sony equipment I was just curious if there was an easy way to control the product via the S-link port rather than with an IR emitter stuck to the front of the device (we all know how cleaning ladies love to knock off IR emitters:)). More specifically I would expect us to use it on some of the A/V receivers, display devices, and some of their DVD players.

    -- John
  • All,

    The SAVR is $80. I do not know the price of the Sony interface, did not even know it still existed !

    The TV has a Control-S OUT, not IN (I wish). Instead of installing an IR receiver, I use the one "built in" the TV and get the codes from the Control-S OUT through the SAVR into a Netlinx serial port. To control the TV... there is a little emitter:-). This is weird since I get "echo" on the SAVR serial port of the commands I send using IR to the TV...
    The idea is to use the TV remote to control a non Sony DVD player in the closet. I thought using the IR receiver of the TV nicer from a home interior design perspective.

    I do not have access to any device with Sony protocol IN, so I can't comment on the SAVR for that purpose. The european versions of most Sony equipement do not have the port, for whatever reason.

    The guys behing the SAVR are nice and very responsive. They also have some software to control mega changers. They are planning an IP/wireless SAVR which I think will be great... mine sits behind a serial to ip cause I am short on serial ports on my NXI...
    The protocol is a little weird IMHO, but very workable and nicely documented.

    Hope this helps

  • Very nice Fred. Definitely an innovative way of passing IR.

    Thomas, you mention that you're working on Sony RPTVs using S-Link. How are you passing commands from the NXI to the S-link port? Are you using the Sony Interface box you described?

    -- John
  • All,

    This probably doesn't need to be said, but you do know that you can use an IR port with carrier turned off directly into the S-Link don't you? IR plus (+) to S-Link tip, and IR minus (-) to S-Link sleeve.

    I've used Sony's interface box for years to create my own IR libraries, or to enhance the AMX ones with discrete functions. Once you know how, it works great!
  • We are talking S-Link here, correct? Not Ctrl-S?

    So that connector would be IR+ to tip, IR- to sleeve, and nothing connected to the ring?

    Glad to hear that BB is making an adapter for S-Link, since the Sony box is nearly impossible to find - do they even still make it?

    (P.S. I have one of the Sony units that didn't get used on a project if anyone is interested in it)

    - Chip

    Originally posted by [email protected]

    This probably doesn't need to be said, but you do know that you can use an IR port with carrier turned off directly into the S-Link don't you? IR plus (+) to S-Link tip, and IR minus (-) to S-Link sleeve.
  • Chip,

    I spoke to the Sony Engineer that developed their box, and he says that Control-S and S-Link are compatible and can be used interchangably. Each connector is a two conductor (not three), and with carrier turned off, an AMX IR emitter can send control codes. They ARE still selling the box.
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