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How to change a button text?

I'm sorry for this stupid question...i've searched the forum and think i've found the solution but it doesn't work properly...

In tpd3 i assign to my button Variable text device and channel (same as channel code)

In NetlinxStudio i use this:


where aBUTTON is the channel code.

What's wrong with this?


  • mpullinmpullin Obvious Troll Account, Marked for Deletion Posts: 949
    What kind of panel is this? Also, aButton needs to be the button's address code, not the channel code.
  • lattanzilattanzi Junior Member Posts: 22
    well, actually it is a web page...no panel...i'm using "save as html" tpd3 feature

    Can channel code be equal to variable text channel?
  • JustinCJustinC Junior Member Posts: 74
    I am not 100% on this, but I don't think that command will work with the TPD3 Web control.
  • NMarkRobertsNMarkRoberts Junior Member Posts: 455
    Use !T

    Browser touchpanels are meant to be identical to regular panels.

    They aren't perfect; for instance, if you use a transparent button face, the border on the LHS will be one pixel wider than the other sides.

    I use !T instead of @TXT and it works fine.

    Yes, the channel and vartext can be the same value. Only the vartext matters in this case.
  • lattanzilattanzi Junior Member Posts: 22
    Thank you guys!
    Everything is fine now..both "!T" and "@TXT" work fine...the problem was just the ITOA function, I had to move it outside the send_command...don't know why
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