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MVP 8400 firmware upgrade to V2.70.8 issue

Hi all,

I have just upgraded an 8400 via NSX V2.4.0.129 from a tosh laptop running xpp sp1 and the firmware upgrade did not complete correctly.

All 8 files appeared to download successfully, however, the panel froze as soon as the last file was transferred and studio only offered 'cancel' as it did not complete.

The panel finally timed out and had no control over the connected system any more. I couldn't even get to the setup pages using the front panel.

I was able to download the firmware again via nsx, and the result was the same - so, it doesn't appear to be a 'one off'.

I rebooted by removing the batteries, and the panel then showed the typical behavior of a 'post firmware upgrade' on the screen - logo, white screen, colored stripes etc, and, the panel is now running the new firmware correctly.

I'd be interested to know if this has happened to anyone else...


  • wcravenelwcravenel Junior Member Posts: 114
    8400 firmware


    Only once, different laptop, probably earlier Studio, probably earlier firmware, XP Pro SP2.

    Have not had a service call from client in at least a year.

    I have had an interruption of firmware result in an RMA being needed, but again, only once, can't remember if TP or controller.

  • Stephen BoltonStephen Bolton Junior Member Posts: 345
    Previous upgrades have always been fine.

    My concern is that there may be an issue with this latest kit.
  • No problem here

    I updated 2 panels on Monday and they loaded without problem.
  • GSLogicGSLogic Original Member Posts: 562
    I've upload 12 panels without a problem!
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