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Changing Multiple Button Properties simutaneously....

OK, I Know I was able to do this before but it seems the last software upgrade Broke it....

I used to be able to select all the buttons on a Page, GO to a properties box, Change it, and have ALL the selected buttons change....... QUite handy with Fill Colors. Resizing for different panels, Ports, etc etc.. Now, just the last button I selected changes... Argh.... Is there an option somewhere I'm missing? Is it actually Broke? Was this just an undocumented feature? Anyway, I want it back!


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    wcravenelwcravenel Posts: 114
    Short answer is: right click and copy the property from which you want to copy (ie. fill color), select all of the buttons to which you want to copy, and paste.

    There is more in power assign and paint properties tool...

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    mpullinmpullin Posts: 949
    Near the bottom of your properties window there is an "Apply to All" button that must be clicked in order to apply changes to all buttons. Make sure that button is highlighted, then you should be fine.

    If you ask me this is totally illogical. There's no reason you would want to select a group of buttons and only modify the last button you clicked.
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    ImpaqtImpaqt Posts: 155
    Duh.. That was it..... Never had that button Unselect itself before hwen I did an update I dont think.... Thanks
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