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Yamaha DM1000 w AXB-MIDI

Hi all,

Anyone control Yamaha DM1000 with AXB-MIDI before?
Had never try controlling using MIDI before so need some advice (even general info on how to use midi to control and what is midi control even) if possible, thanks in advance.



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    matt95gsrmatt95gsr Posts: 165
    I am currently going through the same thing... I have a job in progress where I have to control a Yamaha M7CL console via MIDI, and found it difficult to locate much in the way of decent information. There are two technotes on the subject... http://www.amx.com/techsupport/techNote.asp?id=145 and http://www.amx.com/techsupport/techNote.asp?id=277 . For the purposes of my initial testing last week, I just needed to control faders for 4 DCA groups. This was easy enough to accomplish via the pre-assigned control change numbers in the console, with the MIDI set up to use the option. All that I really had to use was:
    SEND_STRING dvMIDI,"$B0,nFader,nValue"
    "B0" is to denote "Control Change"
    nFader is an integer between 25 and 28 (found in the Control Change table to correspond to DCA faders 1-4)
    nValue is an integer between 0 and 127 to indicate the fader level.

    Since I've got that working, I feel a little more comfortable about making the rest of it work. I know there's a ton more that can be done with it, but just looking through the info on the console and knowing nothing about MIDI, I was worried just a bit until I could actually see something work. Probably your scenario will be more challenging too, but maybe you can test with something simple such as this and have a pretty simple way to get started and see something happen.
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    ryanwwryanww Posts: 196
    You know, that console has RS-232 or 422 which I believe enables more control, and thee M7CL has ethernet, so I would imagine someone could create a module for it. You would probably have to talk to Yamaha about it though.

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    Hi matt & ryan,

    Thanks for the pointer, though not working on the same equipment but I had at least some ideas what is going on. Will give it a try with some simple midi control first.

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    I had a first contact with the DM-1000 yesterday, was given a very simple task to track the triggering of the on/off for channel 1, 2 and 3. Here's a couple of findings I have made: -

    1 - MIDI feedback does not provide discrete on/off info, instead it only provide "$A6,$40" when channel 1 is pushed, "$A6,$41" when channel 2 is pushed and "$A6,$42" when channel 3 is pushed, notice that I used 'pushed' and not on/off so it is not possible for me to know whether it is on/off, only that the channel has been triggered. I have to set master status all to off and the channel to be all off for their status to tally (in this way, it is operating somewhat like IR, not guarantee)

    2. Another thing is $A6 is not a valid ascii character (thought of manipulating the character by atoi then itohex but still unable to compare) so in my program I could not actually compare this hexadecimal at all, so what I have tested and found to work somehow is to make sure that the MIDI info is 3 character long and it contain the $40, $41 or $42 character for me to differentiate the 3 channels toggling.

    Not at all comfortable with the method of decoding the MIDI info at all. I was wondering anyone here know if it is possible for us to set the channel on/off of the 3 channels to discrete on/off? Anyone can provide me with info on comparing ascii character like the one describe above?
    I tried cocking up the MIDI feedback info by continously or repeatedly pressing the 3 channel on/off simultaneously and the AXB-MIDI actually misses out some feedback from mixer and hence my status is opposite from the actual status of the channel which is definitely undesirable. Really hope that somebody can advice me on this issue.

    Any kind of help is much appreciated, thank you!

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