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Forum CODE: window size

It would be nice if you guys could have the window that displays the code:
Code here xxxx

sized to fit available width of the PC's we're using. It's small and annoying and should be the size of the QUOTE window:

Quote here xxx

I would hazard to say that most of us here are using displays sized 17" and larger and the little CODE window and the scrolling bars is just rediculous!



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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I've never worked with vBulletin, but other forum software I have messed with required you to make a simple template edit for this kind of change. Ideally, if the forum software allows it, they should be a percentage of the screen width, but that might be asking too much; if all the wrappers are fixed, you would have to edit every single template to accomodate a variable inclusion, and that's a hecka lot of work. However, it should be really simple just to make the text box values the same for these two styles.
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