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Cedia 2006

What do you all think of the new announcements at CEDIA? The MIO R-4 remote and the intercom capability of the MPV-8400i caught my eye.



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    Same here, I would like to know if the R-4 screen can be used as a small touchpanel for more than just macros if so I can really see a use for it in some applications that we have which would require a small handheld remote but can do a few more complicated tasks.
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    viningvining Posts: 4,368
    I think both were overdue. Hopefully the R4 with its touch display will be able to do what ever we presently can do with a G4 panel with obvious limitations, of course.
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    travtrav Posts: 188
    So, I can post about the R3 and R4 and zigbee now without my post getting delete ?? :P

    Anyway, I think it is about time, considering the number of calls I get involving Wifi problems. I think zigbee is a definate plus in the amx lineup, even if the routers and repeaters look very much like some off the shelf products I've seen from various zigbee hardware suppliers.

    Well done AMX, the R1 and R2 were really lacking, and this has addressed most of my complaints with them.
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    Greetings from Cedia

    I think you are all going to be impressed with the display quality of the R4. You can place your orders now for a December delivery.

    The AMX booth was packed all day on Thursday. Those of you with copies of VA v1.0 should receive v1.1 next week.

    The MVP-8400 will be available as the MVP-8400i by the end of the year. This will make the 802.11G card standard and double the memory. Dynamic image radar animation should work well with the revised version. It will also include an audio DSP to provide panel to panel intercom via ethernet. This will also be included in a revised 7" Modereo.
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    ekeppelekeppel Posts: 37
    The new R4...

    I like the new R4 remote also, but it may not have been a wise move on AMX's part to remove the hard buttons for transport control.

    It's not ideal to substitute touch screen controls for these (if that is possible at all - I'm not really very familiar with these remotes' capabilities yet), since it adds the dreaded 'head-nod' to an otherwise excellent hard-button remote.

    Transport is more and more important, especially with the pervasiveness of DVRs these days. Do my customers really want to bounce their head up and down looking for the right place to push on the touch screen instead of just using hard buttons that are easy to memorize by feel? *shrug*

    Eric Keppel

    AMX Programmer
    MHS Technologies
    Newland, NC
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