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Linn Intersekt and Room Amp 2's

cmacma Junior MemberPosts: 94
I am currently programming one of these for a dealer out of the country. I am being told by Linn that the room amp 2's will need their own rs232 connection to turn them on and off as well as control volume. In this system that would mean that there would be 18 rs232 connections, each Intersekt zone has it's own Room Amp 2 plus each bank of 8 zones on the Intersekt has it's own rs232 connection. Does this sound crazy? If this is true who the he!! thought this was a good design?


  • NMarkRobertsNMarkRoberts Junior Member Posts: 455
    This is going to be a tough one.

    This rang a bell so I went and looked in my comments from the Intersekt module I wrote a couple of years ago - see below. It was not a pleasant experience and when I had finished volume control was still very clunky because everything takes so very long to happen.

    I imagine that what I refer to as Knekts is your "room amp" and therefore your supposition is thankfully incorrect - you talk to the Knekts via the Intersekt.

    You are welcome to my code. It should save you about two weeks ;^)

    This module controls a Linn Intersekt Sound Switch which is connected to
    up to 8 Linn Knekt room switches. It provides a single point of communication
    with the Intersekt and the Knekts. Commands are usually originated by
    talking to the Knekt modules.

    The Intersekt rarely gives useful information in its response; only when requested.

    Communications with the Intersekt is slightly flaky.
    (a) If you tell it [REMOTE] twice it NAKs the second one (this code ignores this NAK).
    (b) You have to tell it [nAMP=whatever] before you can talk to room amps but it forgets after a while and you have to tell it again.
    (c) Some commands require a room number on the beginning even though they aren't room-specific.
  • cmacma Junior Member Posts: 94
    Thanks for the reply, it is a Room Amp 2, this amp is actually 2 sub zones, basically the amp is connected to a single Intersekt zone so you get 2 rooms that play the same source from the Intersekt but you have separate volume control and power for each room and sub zone. Basically I am being told that there are RCU's connected to the Room Amp 2 so that overrides any commands being sent to the Room Amp 2 from the Intersekt but if we want to control the RA2 with the RCU's connected we can use the rs232 ports on the RA2 itself which would mean that we would need 15 rs232 connections for 15 different zones.
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