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TPDesign 2.3.0

Am I not remembering something or did they add an autocomplete for bitmaps? I thought I use to have to assign an OFF bitmap and then an ON bitmap. Today I just assigned the OFF Bitmap and the ON bitmap was filled in automatically. If this is a new feature, bravo! if this has always been there, please disavow all knowledge of this post ;)



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    The feature has actually been in there since TPDesign4 2.0, but that won't keep us from the accepting the belated compliment. If you're interested in the low-down, here's how the "smart" assignment works. There are several filename suffix pairs that are recognized as on/off image pairs (.png shown for illustration, this may be .jpg as well), as long as the "base" of the filename is the same:

    - *off.png / *on.png (e.g., myCoolButtonOff.png / myCoolButtonOn.png)
    - *f.png / *n.png (e.g., myCoolButton_f.png / myCoolButton_n.png)
    - *0.png / *1.png (e.g., myCoolButton_0.png / myCoolButton_1.png)
    - *1.png / *2.png (e.g., myCoolButton_1.png / myCoolButton_2.png)

    If you assign one of the "off" images to the Off state on a general button, and there is a corresponding "on" image, AND the current On state image is either empty or is the current Off state image's pair (*WHEW*), then it will be automatically assigned. It only works when you set the Off image, though; not when you set the On image.

    Consider yourself a power-user for finding it and using it. [grin]
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    Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Posts: 1,917

    My boss and all of my co-workers would like to thank you for making my head soooo big that they can no longer fit in the same room as me.

    I think I just noticed it because I just recently had our graphics guy start to label things according to one of the schemes you listed. I must now go out and buy a lottery ticket ;)

    Thanks again for the great work.

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