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Duet Module Question

Hi all,

questions regarding the duet module... after i create a duet module and load it up to the master, how do i actually invoke the methods?

according to the user guide, it says use the send_command device,'arguments' but how will the netlinx be able to intepret which method it is suppose to invoke?

can someone give me an example of how it is actually use?

thanks in advance.


  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    You do your SEND_COMMAND to the virtual that is defined in the module. The module takes care of it's own interpretations. So your module has to have a virtual interface, and it has to process the commnad buffer in the virtual. Now, I can't help any better than that, because I haven't written any Duet modules and don't have Cafe ... but this is how all the pre-made Duet modules I have used work.
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