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Hi Experts,

Any one has any experience with CTG-LON? I believe this is the only way to integrate with Lon works
In one of my project I have to integrate a Honeywell HVAC system with AMX. I don?t have any previous experience with this product.

I wish to get all possible information about this product, its integration and programming.


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    I've made a couple of systems with the CTG-EIB interface. Dont know if its the same....It works fine and was pretty easy... If its the sme and you have questions...
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    The CTG-LON is a product of us (Comm-Tec). Implementation differs a little from CTG-EIB and needs some little LON background. It also needs cooperation with the LON integrator because it is not a "sniffer" like the EIB gateway but a LON device which must be directly incorporated by the LON integrator into the system design.

    Find my contact in a pm I've sent you.

    Kind regards,
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