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1) A ?Find Definition? option when you right click on a variable or a call to a sub/function which will take you directly to the definition of that variable/sub/function.

2) An ?Auto Casing? option. I don?t know what it?s really called so I?ll just give an example. Let?s say I define a variable called MyVar and then I use that variable but I type in myvar. When the line is complete the editor automatically changes myvar to MyVar. In other words any instance of the variable follows the case of the definition. And on the flip side if one were to change the definition of MyVar to myVAR, then all occurrences of that variable would change and follow suit.

3) A ?Step Over? debug option.

4) When typing in a call to a sub/function the parameters from the definition of that call are shown.

5) When going into debug mode can the editor leave whatever source file is currently active instead of automatically bringing the main .axs file to the front?



  • Netlinx Studio 2.2 Feature Request

    Studio 1.2 had a 'Device View' tab in the Project Navigator which essentially showed the compiled list of devices for the project. This was very useful for verifying device defines in large projects particularly ensuring that duplicate device IDs were not assigned to virtual and physical devices.

    I have not found a way to enable this view in Studio 2.2 in the Workspace window. You get a similar view in Device Mapping but this is sometimes not as convenient a way to view the compiled devices in a project. Could the tab be added to Studio 2.2 as an option unless it is already there and I simply can not locate it?
  • Joe HebertJoe Hebert Posts: 2,159
    Re: Netlinx Studio 2.2 Feature Request
    Originally posted by Reese Jacobs
    Could the tab be added to Studio 2.2 as an option unless it is already there and I simply can not locate it?

    Hi Reese,

    Might you be referring to the online tree as shown in the attached jpeg?

  • Netlinx Studio Feature Request


    No, I know about the Online Tree. If you go back and look at Studio 1.2, there was an Online Tree and a Device View. It is the device view which represents the devices defined in the project that I am referring to in this case. The Online Tree may in fact be a subset of the Device View since not all devices defined for a project may be online at any given time.

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