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Importing 2 Digit Hex into Iris

I am using 2 Samsung LN-S4092D LCD monitors with IR connections. I looked up the descreet Hex codes on the Samsung site. The list I recieves where all 2 digit hex numbers ( ie: Power on - 99 , Power off - 98, VGA - 69 ).
I have tried using the descreet hex wizard in IREdit to input the hex that I have but I keep reieveing an error that I need 4 bytes of data. I then put 0000 0099 0000 0000 and I get a first bit and repeat bit are the same error. I went to www.remotecentral.com to see if I can find a IR file but the only one I found was in MXD format which needs a MX editor which I was unable to find on google or ask.com.

So in a nut shell, I am not sure how to build the IR string from just 2 numbers.

Remoteyou.com has been bought out and no longer has a file section which alot of people suggest going to. I have tried using vent to export the IR captures I have done with the remote and tried to rebuild the string that way but I am not sure where the HEX code comes into play.


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    Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Posts: 1,917
    If the HEX code is only two digits long, I doubt very highly that it is an IR related hex code. Maybe there is a string of HEX chars that need to go before the two digits they provide?

    As for the MX, the is a Universal Remote brand Home Theater Master remote. Try either MX-700 or MX-850 (also called the Orion). I don't think they have the ability to export HEX codes tho.

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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    No IR code is only two hex chars long. That is just the distinct portion for that operation - you need the rest of the IR packet protocol format, and have to encapsulate it in that. I believe that ou can find articles on the various ways to do this on RemoteCentral.com; I took a quick look at it once and decided it wasn't worth the trouble to learn. It's easier by far to just capture from a Pronto or RC-5400.
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