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"Literal" switching on an Autopatch matrix switcher

Just thought I would share some hard-won wisdom that is not n the manual and that some poor support guy (who was excellent) got out of bed at 1 am to tell me...

I don't know if this applies to other models, but the Autopatch 4YDM of a few years back appears to make some assumptions about which cards are audio and which video and the one follows the other whether you like it or not when using the usual switching commands in some box confugurations:

CL1I1O1T means "Connect Level 1 (this box) Input 1 to Output 1 Take"

My experience with other Autopatch gear in other configurations is that

Level 0 = A+V
Level 1 = Video
Level 2 = Audio

or something like that.

So input 1 when switching audio is "the top right audio port on the right"
and output 16 is "the bottom left audio port on the left". The video cards go on the left of each half and the audio on the right.

Yes the engineer who designed this went from top left to bottom right, but he was looking from the front of the box.

So if you don't want audio-follow-video and both cards are in the same box (Level 1) and / or you have a least one video card in an audio slot (that's the bit I'm not sure about) then you have to use "Literal Switching" which goes like this and is not in the manual:


That's a full stop on the end, or a period if you speak American English.
And input 1 is "top right of all the inputs on the right."
Output 32 is "bottom left of all of the outputs on the left".

My impression is that unless you do want audio to follow video all the time, or your audio and video cards are in separate boxes, then literal switching is far preferable, because you always know what you are getting and there are no voodoo assumptions and your code doesn't collapse when the box is reconfigured.

The tech pointed out that if (eg) you are switching RGBHV this is a pretty slow way to do it, so don't.

Oh and BTW the Disconnect command that is described in the manual DOES NOT WORK.


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    yuriyuri Posts: 861
    I have used the 18x18 precis model in some jobs, and i must say its an excellent switcher. Everything i needed to know was in de manual and disconnecting the output worked for me :)
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