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sending hex to rs232 device

was trying to create a simple duet module but encounter this problem, how do i send hex from java to the device? please advice.

Thanks in advance


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    sonnysonny Posts: 208
    I'm assuming you mean you need to send binary data, as opposed to ASCII data,

    depends on how you need/want to build the packet, but I use a string buffer...

    StringBuffer packet = new StringBuffer();

    packet.append((char) 0x01);
    packet.append((char) 0x2B);
    packet.append((char) 0x0D);
    packet.append((char) 0x0A);

    // etc...then


    you could also use a character array
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    alexhoalexho Posts: 7
    Hi sonny,

    thanks the above reply is of great help to me.
    thanks alot

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