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Pop-up pages

Hi everyone
Has anyone had problems with pop-up pages that fail to turn off? I have tried using both the panel and code to turn then off after they are no longer needed and on occassion they fail to turn off. Even if I reboot the system the panel goes back to the pop-up page.


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    jeffacojeffaco Posts: 121
    Hmm, not much to go on.

    I never have this problem. But then I have a fairly tight integration between my panel and my code (particularly for VPNs, which can go off line routinely). If I tell the master to send an '@PPF' to the panel, and the panel is talking to to the master, the popup pages always go away.

    Can you give us a little more detail? What types of panels? What normally launches the popups? How do you reboot the panel? (If a Modero-style panel, it's very difficult to believe that a popup page comes back after reboot unless you have a code bug that keeps launching the popup or something ...)

    -- Jeff
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    Two details:

    (a) the pop-ups are per panel page. That is you can have a popup open on one page and not on the other. That means if you have some code that turns off the popup and moves to another page, you won't see the popup any longer regardless of having it closed it properly or not (because the panel is not showing the page where the popup is on).

    (b) rebooting the master does not change the state of the panel. If a popup was on, it is still on after a reboot of the master. You may want to issue a all popup off command in your online event handler for the panel if this is the behaviour you'd expect.

    Once again I have to agree with Jeff that VPN panels are very difficult beasts to tame properly.

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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I like to group my pop-ups so they are mutually exclusive, but the added benefit is that you can close any pop-up in a group by sending a command to close any particular page. So I am in the habit of doing this in code when I know a standard page flip has happened, just to avoid the lingering pop-up issue. It's not really a bug, I can see applications where you would want the pop-up to remain, you just have to be aware of it and accomodate it.
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    I am using AXD-MCP panels with NXI-ME260 controllers. The 'pop-up' pages are told to come on when the system is warming up and cooling down. The code sends the 'on' command when the right condition is meant and then I use a WAIT command for the duration off the condition ex: 45 sec's for warm up, After the wait command is finished a 'off' command is sent and then a normal page flip to the main control page.
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