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Dell W5001C

Installing an AMX system for a client and they are providing 2 50" Dell W5001C plasma tv's. I searched on AMX's website for any Dell IR codes and they only list 2, W3000 & W4200. Also looking at the manual for the 5001 it states you can use Phillips Codes if you don't have a remote.

Has anyone programmed a room with the W5001C, if so will either of the 2 IR files on AMX's website work. Will ANY Phillips remote code work with the 5001 as well?


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    undrtkrundrtkr Posts: 35
    Ok, I've just been given a document from the client that lists the IR Hex commands for the plasmas. I haven't tinkered much with IREdit but can I create an IR file and plug these hex codes into it?
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    Definitely. Just create the model etc in IREdit, and highlight the button along the top called "Discrete IR hex codes". Follow the prompts and cut and paste.
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