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Turn Off Help Desk

How do I remove the Help Request parameter from the room on the server page.
I do not want the answer to include Code Crafter instructions please. I have been working without it and would like to continue to do so.



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    Removing Parameters

    You can remove any parameter by selecting VIEW and deleting it. The Help request parameter will return if you reload code so you may have to delete it again later because it is a system parameter. This could not be permanently deleted without modifying the module.
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    Doug Hall wrote:
    This could not be permanently deleted without modifying the module.
    Which module? The RMSEngine module that I only have token access to? The module that I'm not allowed to modify? That module?
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    Editing Parameters

    You will need to remove the parameters in the web interface by going to the VIEW DEVICES PAGE and selecting the HELP parameter under SYSTEM.
    You cannot edit the rmsengine module, that is where the help parameter is registered.
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    Maybe this is because my RMS server is running in demo mode, but when I try this the delete button is greyed out and the hover text says "You cannot delete a system device parameter"...

    - Chip
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    Turn Off Help Desk

    The only reason that you may not be able to edit a parameter within the SYSTEM is if the room is OFFLINE. There should not be a SEND_C to prevent this function, it is easy to do at the Admin level. If you simply don't want to see the parameter on the list which is what I am thinking, you just delete it. If you want to prevent users from submitting help requests, there is another method. You may also disable the notifications for help requests easily. Help us understand what you need to do and we will help. Another resource is Tech Support, Cullen King is very knowledgable on RMS if this is not helping you.
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