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ADA TuneSuite with ISO-CAT II

Was wondering if someone could verify the rs232 pinout for the ada-tunesuite with ISO-CAT II

Is this correct :
Female -- Male

[1] GND --  [5] GND
[2] RX    --  [3] TX
[3] TX    --  [2] RX

Thanks in advance


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    You didn't tell us what you're connecting to... Assuming the male side is correct - which wouldn't be standard RS232, BTW - the "female" side would be correct for an AMX RS232 port that used a pheonix connector. Then again, if that was the case, you wouldn't have saide "female", right?

    - Chip
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    ondrovicondrovic Posts: 217
    Sorry for not being 100% clear Chip. The Male side goes to the iso-cat II which is from ada and the female goes to amx
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    codigo de ipod con equipo ADA - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read ... When using an ISO-E (ADA Bus to Ethernet), ISO-CAT-II (ADA Bus to ... PC/CS Cinema MII PC/CS WH (ada) Aquarius Tune Suite Aquarius ISO/CS

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