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heartbeat timeline question

Hi everyone,

how do we actually go implementing the timeline for heartbeat?

i guess we create a timeline(timelinelistener,long array,boolean absolute/relative,repetition)
and we will run it by issuing the timelineObject.start() ?

correct me if i'm wrong...

and for the handling of the timeline, do with just use handleTimelineEvent(timelineObject)?
or exactly how do with go about handling the timeline?

of do we actually is the Timer class instead of the Timline class?

was very confuse with the timeline/timer in duet...

any help will be deeply appreciated...

thanks alot


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    was trying around with duet and got it working
    just to share with everyone the way i implement it
    the way i use to create the Timeline and handle it is as follows

    Timeline x = new Timeline(this,long array,true,-1)

    under Event.E_Online

    and overiding the method
    handleTimelineEvent(Timeline arg0)
    if (arg0.equals(x))
    //do method to check if actual device is connected to the rs232 port

    if anybody has a more efficient way of implementing it i will be glad to accept advises

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