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$200 Off.... Really?????

I was kinda excited to see the "Special Deal" AMX bragged about in the newsletter yesterday... Until I read it....

First.... At Cedia I was told thatthe package Including the Dock was going to be 1800 for the R3 and 2400 For the R4.

Now the newsletter claims the Dock is Extra!?!?!?!?

The Product Descriptions for the R3 and R4 both say the Dock is Included.

Can these remotes even be Charged without the Dock? Does it come with a Power supply that can be plugged into the unit for Charging like the old VTP's and MVP's?

I would of rather seen a message like " Costs are higher than we expected , We will honor the prices quoted on Preorders, and any orders up to December 31st" rather than Claiming the price is suddenly higher than whats on the website and what was quoted to us at CEDIA.

Just venting a bit here.. but I was quite insulted by this "Deal"


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    Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Posts: 1,917
    Not sure if it was recently fixed, but I don't see anything in the ad that indicates the lack of dock in the package. Do you have a link to the ad you are looking at? Here is what the one I am seeing says:

    These packages include everything you need for unlimited remote control of a NetLinx system and its devices including R-4 or R-3 Remote, Charging Cradle and the NetLinx Gateway (required to connect to NetLinx Controllers) - and now you can pre-order them for $200 OFF!

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    They still show $2400 including the dock (part#FG148-24K) and $1800 for just the remote. Note it is a dropdown list for the part number if you want the dock or not.

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    ImpaqtImpaqt Posts: 155
    Hmmm.. SOmething definatly seems to have changed since I read the "Promotion" yesterday. What I saw was that the R4 Package is actaully $2600 retail. with the Remote and Gateway being $2400 and the Cradle was listed as $200... As a separate line item..... But the Packages on the website list the Cradle as being included in the Price.... I dont see the breakdown anywhere that I saw yesterday now... So Perhaps AMX is correcting this.

    By all accounts, if the Package is "$200" off retail, we should be able to sell The Packages at $1600/$2200. Yesterday I Saw 1800Package + 200Cradle - Promotion = $1800 and $2400Package + $200Cradle - $200 Promoton = $2400

    looking for clarification at this point I guess...
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