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Russound CAA66 and 1 start bit protocol


i must drive a Russound CAA66 controller
and COM port settings is the following

? 19200 baud rate
? 1 Start bit
? 1 Stop bit
? No flow control
? No parity

i make a lot of test and nothing seems good working
it seems to me that tey are a problem with start bit

how to configure NI Controller to good speak with 1 bit start protocol ???



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    I don't think I've ever heard of anything that used something >besides< 1 start bit. You can set how many >stop< bits are being used, but not start bits.

    Any chance the cable isn't wired correctly? Have you tried swapping pins 2 & 3? How is the cable currently wired, and what command are you using to set up your RS232 port settings?

    - Chip
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    If at all possible, start by controlling the device from your PC keyboard using HyperTerm or similar. That way you can get the communications and cabling correct without having to worry about your code or the controller.
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