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Limits to demo/evaluation mode

Is there documentation anywhere that lists - or does anyone happen to know offhand - exactly what other limitations (besides the single system limit) there are to running RMS in demo mode?

I've been going nuts for the past few weeks, with two tech support folks from AMX scratching their heads, wondering why I can't get control actions added to the RMS web interface for my test system. It's been suggested - with no verification yet - that these can't be added to a system running demo mode.

- Chip


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    With RMS 2.x the limits were:
    • only 1 NetLinx system allowed
    • booking allowed only with internal web pages (no external system like Exchange, Lotus, ...)
    I don't know of any other limits. You can program i!-ConnectLinx actions in the NetLinx master and they show up as available actions for Presets when you schedule a meeting.

    For RMS 3.0 you can take a look at the Licensing FAQ.
    Go to the RMS Area http://www.amx.com/rms/ and take a look at the Licensing FAQ (can be found on left side under Tech Downloads). Here is what is says:
    Q: Do you still offer a free download demo version?
    A: Yes, RMS 3.0 Standard Edition will be posted to amx.com on release. RMS 3.0
    Standard Edition has functionality similar to MeetingManager 2.2 in demo mode. Some
    features that may be useful for enterprise operation such as room grouping are not
    available. Users are limited to one administrator and one notification recipient. RMS 3.0
    Standard Edition has five client licenses with both asset and scheduling features plus all
    vertical market support. If you are wanting to upgrade from RMS 2.x to 3.0 DO NOT
    download the demo version. Please contact AMX Customer Service for instructions on
    how to upgrade.

    Q: What if I want more than five rooms and more features?
    A: RMS 3.0 Premium Edition provides Master less Rooms, SNMP, Login Based Views,
    Login for scheduling, Advanced Messaging, Startup/Shutdown events, Control from Web
    Console, and redundant server support. RMS 3.0 also supports multiple combinations of
    asset management and scheduling licenses. Premium Edition does not include room
    licenses, if a system is upgraded from Standard, all clients must be added individually.

    If you have RMS 3.0 and the feature you are missing is "Control from Web Console", this might be available in Premium Edition only (see Quote above).

    Maybe someone can clarify what exactly the differences are (compared to demo version)?

    Regards, Harald
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    Standard / Premium Edition Features

    I will try to get this info posted soon:

    Virtual Rooms Premium Ed. Only
    i!-ConnectLinx macro events.? Direct execution Premium Ed. Only
    Scheduling of i!-ConnectLinx macro events Premium Ed. Only
    Ability to run system included reports. All
    Internal Scheduling System All
    External Scheduling System Premium Ed. Only
    Restrict defined users to 1 admin and 1 user. Standard Ed. Only
    Include 5 embedded asset management client licenses. Standard Ed. Only
    Include 5 embedded room scheduling client licenses. Standard Ed. Only
    Support SNMP All
    Ability to edit/create notification templates All
    View/manage source usage All
    View/manage lamp hours All
    Room is able to participate in asset management. All
    Room is able to participate in scheduling. All
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