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UK Thermostat recomendations?

hodeyphodeyp Junior MemberPosts: 104
Hi, I am looking at adding a thermostat to an AMX system to control heating only (no AC). I understand the AMX thermostat is very high spec and designed for US only and UK thermostats need to switch 240v.

Any recomendations for a simple thermostat for UK use?




  • viningvining X Member Posts: 4,368
    The AMX T-stats which are April Aire T-stats can display in ferenhiet or celsius but are made for 24v switching not 240v. I'm not familiar with europian standards but you guys actually use 240v for HVAC control? I know the electrical distribution is 240V to ground versus what we do of 120v to ground on two legs (technically not phases) which provides 240v between the legs.

    There's no step down transformers used at all on your equipment to reduce control voltages to something safe and more flexible? Still, even if your control voltages are 240v you could still use the April Aire T-stat but you would need a 10-1 step down transformer to power the T-stat and then an isolation relay to switch the 240v using the 24v control voltage.

    You Brits must have some type of compatable communicating T-stat to work with your stuff and if you guys don't the Swede's, Danish or German folks definitely will as they make some of the best HVAC equipment in the world.
  • DenisDenis Junior Member Posts: 163
    April Aire T-stat


    I have to control electric heating system, individual baseboard working under 240v ac ( in Canada), if I understand this post, I have to use an April Aire T-stat unit with AMX thermostats that right?
  • viningvining X Member Posts: 4,368
    AMX T-Stats are ApriAire T-Stats so either one will work but you would need to use the T-Stat to control a 240V contacter to pull in the electric heaters. Any 240v 2 pole contacter (if it is 2 poles/phases) with a 24vac control coil should work.
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