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HI everyone.
I was just wondering what others thoughts would be on a 'icons/bitmap images' section where people could upload and download images for their TP's etc. AMX has alot of icons but sometimes it is hard to find just the right one for the job. I have created some custom icons/bitmaps for some special jobs but would like to see what others have done.


  • Icons/Bitmaps

    I think it is a great idea - in the same spirit as contributed IR files and modules/code blocks.

    In addition to AMX for icons and bitmaps, I have used free icons and bitmaps from GuiFX (www.guifx.com). They have DirecTV, Dish, Sirius, and XM logos as well as some useful transport and device icons the latter two of which are incorporated into TT fonts. I have used several of their touchpanel templates (which are not free) but the icons, bitmaps, and fonts are available at no charge.
  • Thanks Reese, I stumbled across guifx before but didn't book mark them and then I couldn't remember their name. How do you find their templates? worth the cost? I wonder if AMX would be willing to setup on a beta site for icons?
  • Icons/Bitmaps

    Hey Thomas, I fall into the graphically challenged category so I need all of the help I can get on my touchpanels. Then again, touchpanels are kind of like art - no two people seem to like the same thing or have the same opinion on a tp file. That said, I picked a couple of GuiFX templates that I liked for their basic design and then using those templates and their free icons/bitmaps was able to easily expand them into some very useful touchpanel files. This was a few months back when they sold the templates a la carte - they have now changed to a membership based structure that entitles you to a certain number of templates per month I believe. I do not use enough templates to make this worthwhile but I have made good use of several of their templates. I think I paid $300 for a template file which takes about 3 hours of Netlinx programming to pay back and the template easily saved me over 3 hours of work so it was a bargain in my case.

    The template files come with the basic pages for devices like TV, satellite, DVD, VCR, Tivo, Tuner, and several others. You then take those pages and work from there to create the specific device pages that you need. Some of the templates were created in an early version of TPDesign 4 and therefore do not preview correctly in all cases using G4 Panel Preview. You can however import the templates into the latest version of TP4 and essentially upgrade the template file so it works with Panel Preview. I tend to do a lot of custom page flips on my TPs using the Master (code) so Panel Preview is only marginally useful for me anyway. I highly recommend their fonts and icons as they are not specific to GuiFX templates but can be used with any tp file and best of all, they are free.

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