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ViewStats offline

I noticed that the Non-Duet Viewstat 422 module syncs with the thermostats (ViewStats) upon the Netlinx Booting Procedure. What happens when the thermostats are powered off? Do the Netlinx Module keeps pooling and re-syncs when the thermostats are powered on or you need to reboot the Master to re-sync them? I am just concerned about jobs out of town in which we couldn?t reboot the Master. How are you guys handling this?




  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I'm using my own module still that originated from the Axcent3 days. I poll every 15 minutes (just in case), and have asynchronous feedback turned on. Between the two, the stats stay up-to-date. If the AMX provided module doesn't do this, surely it has a means to force a query on your stat conditions, and you can make your own poll with a timeline; likewise you can ensure asynchronous data is on, and you will have it all covered.
  • GSLogicGSLogic Posts: 562
    Last I remember, the AMX module sends out commands C1/C2/C3 etc. every 10 or so minutes to see if the thermostats are live, if not, it will send out reboot thermostat commands.

    You can confirm this by seeing if your thermostats ever have the image with the "two computers and the NO sign" near the top left. If your thermostats ever get this image, then they are not being sent the confirm string (heartbeat).

    If the thermostats don't talk with a RS232 device every 12-15 minutes this image will appear on the thermostats. You need to send a string to the thermostats to keep them live so if the power goes out the master will know to reboot them in to the system.
  • OK. I have connected a ViewStat via ICSNet to a NI-4000 and confirmned that after recycling power on the ViewStat the Master re-syncs with the ViewStat when the thermostat is powered on again. I haven't confirmed the RS-422 yet, but as GSLogic mentioned, the AMX module should have a hearbeat command that checks on the ViewSats every 10 minutes or so. Thanks guys for your input.

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