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TP file download issuses

Hi everyone. I spent the better part of last night trying to download a file from a Netlinx NXI(ME260) to an AXD-MLC panel. I did a factory reset on the panel first to clear it out. Then as I tried to download the file I kept getting an "out of memory" error. I verify the file size in TP3 to make sure that the panel had enough memory, some was left. I finally could only get the file to completely download by removing the bitmaps and all unnecessary pages. I tried again this morning with a different panel(same type) and Netlinx(same type) and got the same results in my office. I then pulled out an Axcent III and was able to download the original file with no problems. Is the Netlinx adding extra info to the TP file that the Axcent III isn't. I know the easy solution is to use the Axcent III but I really don't feel like going to 40+ rooms that still have the BW panel in them if I can download the file from my office.
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