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Meeting Manager/Duet module compatibility

Just a question as I'm preparing to put together my first MeetingManager-enabled job... Looking through the RMS programmers guide and stepping through the CodeCrafter application, it seems easy enough to integrate with devices that have NetLinx modules using the supplied CodeCrafter and it's Include file output. Since I don't see any notes in the documentation as to compatibility with Duet specifically, I'm assuming that its built-in support is specifically for NetLinx modules, and not Duet ones. Does anyone know the validity of my assumption? For example, if I have a NetLinx projector comm module that reports lamp time through SEND_STRINGs as 'LAMPTIME=<value>', I'm thinking that MM will see that properly, but with another (Duet) projector Comm module that reports through SEND_COMMANDs as 'LAMPTIME-<value>' I will probably have to intercept this info and forward it on through one of the RMS modules myself.
To be honest, the framework and the concept behind this seem simple enough, but it's a bit confusing trying to walk through the documentation and really understand how it's all going to come together. Hopefully it'll be easier once I start to see it work for real instead of in my mind.


  • RMS Support for Duet

    One of the nice things about Duet modules is that the naming scheme for variables is consistant. So LAMPTIME may always be used to display lamp hours in RMS. You will just need to add a parameter in CodeCrafter and let it create the function wrapper for you. Then you will just need to instert the LAMPTIME value and you are done.
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