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G3 to G4 incompatibilities

There appear to be a number of differences between G3 and G4 touchpanels which cause code written to drive G3 to fail in G4.

If anyone knows any differences could they please post them here?

eg The send_command to switch a button on and off (make it appear or disappear) is different.

In G3 it is BTON and BTOF

In G4 it is ^SHO-0 and ^SHO-1

Technote 585 says that when you get above button number 255 you need to use ^txt instead of !t or text- or @txt. It also says:

* Most G3 commands will not work on G4 panels above channel 255.
* Most G3 commands will work on G4 panels below channels 255.



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    SEND_COMMAND dvPanel'TEXT12345-whatever' works still fine.
    The '@TXT' is limited to channels 1..255

    But I do not have a list of compatible commands G3 vs. G4.
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    Thomas HayesThomas Hayes Posts: 1,164
    There is also a code issue when calling the keypad/numeric pad up with both units that I have seen, Can't remember exact problem but did experience it.
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