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[silly] NS Studio line reorder

Hi, today I accidentally discovered an odd shortcut in NS Studio. If you put your cursor anywhere on a line and hit Ctrl+T, that line will swap places with the line above it. If you click on another line Ctrl+T will swap that line with the preceding line as well. You could use this as a nice little bubble sort if you had a list in your program and you needed to move an item from one place to another.

I've looked through the menus and I have no idea what function Ctrl+T is a shortcut for, or what its intended use is. Anyone know anything about this?


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    viningvining Posts: 4,368
    That's pretty neat but for people like me with fat stubby fingers and poor typing skills these Ctrl+"Key" things drive me nuts. Although I constantly using C & V my life would be much happier if the rest would just go away. I'll be typing, then wham, my cursors some where else, either at the first opening brace or in a middle of another line somewhere and I never seem to notice until I'm 1/2 way through what I'm typing. I even have problems w/ the F key shortcuts. I use F4 for Run (debug) and F5 for Step (debug) and I'm constantly hitting the numbers 4 or 5 instead which delete the line my cursors on. Undo twice and I'm back in business but....

    Don't get me wrong these are great features for skilled typist & skilled programmers but for people like me, I know I would be happier w/o.

    Which brings up a question, I assume these features can be partially or completely defeated, does any one know how, I don't feel like Google-ing.
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    Customizing your keyboard in Studio
    vining wrote:
    Which brings up a question, I assume these features can be partially or completely defeated...does any one know how?
    All keyboard short cuts can be edited.

    Click on Settings from the windows menu bar in Studio and select Preferences.

    Under the Keyboard tab you can add, edit, or remove any keyboard shortcut.

    You can also save you Hotkey settings. Click on Tools from the windows menu bar in Studio and select Export Editor Preferences.
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    jjamesjjames Posts: 2,908
    Another "control-combination" that's not listed is CTR-L. This will remove the line completey, sort of like CTR-D (except it bumps the line below it up), and also that line is able to be pasted using CTR-V; so I guess it's a "Line Cut" command.

    This shortcut also exists in MS Visual Studio.
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