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Nelinxstudio 2.2 has a "Highlighting-Bug"


The new functions and ideas from Studio 2.2 are great and very helpfull! But i have a problem with Netlinx-Studio V2.2:

If i import a Workspace from Netlinxstudio 2.1 or older, the Studio 2.2 does not highlighting the Includes as Netlinx-Plattform.
The "DEFINE_COMBINE" and "DEFINE_TYPE"-section is showed as a Axcess-Plattform. Also the "//"-Description-Function is disabled.

If i create a new Workspace, the Highlighting-Functions are mostly correct....

Can anyone help, or is this a bug?


  • I think this is the same issue that has been discussed in one or two other posts. I do not think a clear explanation has been presented by anyone from AMX, but this is what I have found. The issue in a single system project seems to be fixed if the proper ORPHAN_FILE_PLATFORM designation is assigned in the header (1 for Netlinx). In a mutliple system project, even with the proper ORPHAN_FILE_PLATFORM designation, the parent system for the file of concern must be the ACTIVE SYSTEM. Just a fix not an answer.

  • I'm told a workaround for this bug is to open your main AXS file in your Netlinx ystem before opening the AXI associated with that system.
  • Good News! We tracked down the "AXI's not syntax highlighting with the correct platform" bug and have fixed it! Look for it in NetLinx Studio 2.3

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