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Marantz DH9500 Music Server


I have a number of questions regarding the control of this music server.

1. I have been informed that Imerge make this unit for Marantz and subsequently found that they have an AMX module download for their Xiva products, should this work with the DH9500?

2. The code written for the server is using TCP/IP, I have the TCP/IP of my NI-2000 connected to a wireless router so that I can get comms for it. How do I connect this to the NI-2000 (ie by connecting to RS232 will this require a total rewrite of their software?)

Also I am integrating an AMX system with an Opus multiroom system

has anyone done this before? If I would like to hear how you went about it as I am experiencing difficulties with the comms on this too.

Thanks in advance

Ross Wylie
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