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Where is code?

Okay, I know I need glass's but where do I obtain the code to enter at the start of the install of VA 1.2 ? I have 1.0 installed.


  • It is on the CD case, but I am not sure if you can upgrade 1.0 or if you needed 1.1? You should have been automatically sent a 1.1 disk when it came out. The fun part is seeing the difference on the CD case because it wasn't marked so well...

  • travtrav Posts: 188
    We've been getting an ever increasing number of calls from people who have 1.0 and have tried to webupdate to 1.2. You need to get a copy of 1.1 as it has a serial number and requires you to authenticate with AMX when you install it. Much the same as they are doing with Cafe Duet.

    It's free, so just send off a purchase order and away you go :)

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