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New Modero Firmware Update

New firmware for the NXD/NXT-CA/CV12, 15, and 17 has been posted to amx.com under the file name 2250_10D_V2_46_69.kit. It can be found by following this path: amx.com | Dealers | Tech Center | Firmware Files | Modero Panels (NXD/NXT-CA/CV12, -CA/CV15, -CV17).

Release Notes:
-- Supports TakeNote application
-- Fixed memory leak when playing audio files
-- Added support for latest version of RealVNC
-- Added popup features: Slide Left, Slide To Left, and Slide From Left.
-- Enhanced dynamic image support for HTTP servers not supporting HTTP standard correctly.
-- Changed default SSID for wireless connections to "AMX" to support new AMX WAP.
-- Fixed several page flip problems in setup pages.
-- Corrected issue of panel not waking properly after display timeout.
-- Fixed lockup problem where panels would lock up after 24.8 days.
-- Fixed resync issue with master where master would come up quickly via soft reboot and panel would not reset channel states


  • After talking with one of the tech support people at AMX, it is my understanding that to work with the TakeNotes and new Dynamic Imaging features, you will also need to download the latest version of TPDesign4 which was posted on AMX's web site on 10-01-04.
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