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MA Power Management

Looking through the documentation for the Matrix Audio line I can't help to notice that there appears to be no means for the these systems to manage power. Mainly for source components w/o discrete power functions the abitlity to ensure equipment is on via current or video sensors is what seperates ok deisgned systems from great designed systems. This of course is for a stand alone system with out AMX running the logic.

The lack of these features makes some great audio controllers / amplifiers mediocre. B & K CT series come to mind.

I'd also like to know what kind of logic is going on in the MA controllers. If a zone has the CD player selected and thats the only zone sourcing the CD is it smart enough to send a stop command after X amount of time passes when that zone is turned off or switches to a different source?

Now that AMX owns this product line one would think (given time) that these deivces would be made with superior logic and power management abiltiies as a stand alone piece of equipment. Obviously I would prefer an AMX processor on every job as I'm sure would AMX but as a stand alone system it has to be able to out perform its less expensive competition Niles, Russound, Xantech, etc. which have some of these features.

Most customers can't tell the difference in sound quality from one system to another, all they want is something to work when they push a button.


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    GSLogicGSLogic Posts: 562
    Another BIG complaint is the AC POWER management of devices. Power amps use more energy than any other AV device. I know many others manufactures have this feature. You'd think with all the energy saving minded people, all power amps would shut off after a given time.
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    Power management is available on the Matrix gear. The source logic functions as follows...

    Assuming the Power On, Power Off, Play, and Pause IR codes have been programmed in, a source button press, CD for example, will issue both the Power ON and Play IR codes to the CD player. Switching off (or to another source) will Pause the CD player. When the CD player has not been used for 10 minutes, the system will issue the Power Off IR code.

    Having toggle (non-discrete) power codes will not affect this functionality unless someone issues an IR code independently from the Matrix and puts the power management out of sync. Discrete codes are preferred but not neccesary.
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