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1. Comm to Host "stuck"

I got my first Matrix Audio Mi series with 3 Matrix Audio LCD keypads and the keypads only display "1. Comm to Host". It looks like they are stucked on this message. I am assuming that means communicating to host. The LCD keypad setup manual says that it should take up to 4 minutes to load the keypad info. It has been 40 minutes and still the same message displayed. When I go to the Mi controller it sees the keypads on the "About - Main Keypads" info screen. After installing and programming very sophisticated AMX systems for years, I feel stupid for not even passing the setup phase on the Matrix Audio. I wonder if anyone out there has any ideas or suggestions. I left a message with the AMX/Matrix Audio tech support(888-485-9959) but haven't heard from them yet. Hopefully, I am not a Guinea Pig for these new LCD keypads.


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