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No RS-232 feedback from MA devices

I've been through tech support about this issue and I'm able to control the unit (MI Series) with RS-232 but I get no feedback from the unit even when specifically requested. I'm not able to use the duet modules and I just need simple RS-232 feedback for volume status. Any experiences with this similar issue? I've gone through the gamit of pre-made cables and just using pins 2,3 and 5. Everything is in order as it should be but no response from the unit. Any help would be appreciated.


  • viningvining Posts: 4,368
    From reading "AMX MatrixAudio MiSeries Interface.doc" in the Duet module it looks like the RS-232 comms should be completely re-engineered and re-designed. Some things don't work, some things responds slow. It works at a 4800 baud rate and if you have more that eight zone the higher zones respond slower for some reason. Zone grouping through the module doesn't work reliably so it's not supported.

    This document doesn't make the MA system sound like it's a good integration piece. Which is quite ironic.
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