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Another control option?

I'm not sure if this has been discussed, but has the possibility of using a computer as a touchpanel ever been brought up? With the panel preview program, I see that the graphics interface is functional. Is there any reason that the back end code can't be added to deal with the processor interaction, even on a limited scale such as only allowing channel communication? AMX could even sell the software based touchpanel as a product so that even if a customer decided to run with only computer based touchpanels, AMX still has some revenue from the interface. It just pains me when a customer has 3 computers on the desk all with 21" monitors and the only options I can offer them to interface with their AMX system (that I'm aware of) are A) Buy a touchpanel that will add more items to their desk and cost the same or more than one (or all) of their computers. B) Develop a TPD3 interface to run off of the processor, or C) Use VNC to interface with another touchpanel. C is a feasible option when offering a connection from outside the house, but inside the house it is a little slow and unresponsive for my liking.

I am sure there are numerous things I haven't considered, but it was just a spur of the moment post (I've been to busy to post as of late and things get all bottled up, then the bottles broke and everything mixed together ;) )



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    FrankieFrankie Posts: 71
    AMX did offer something like this at one time. The software was called PCTouch and you had to buy some hardware, at this point I cant remeber what the part# for it was... We have a couple of them running over at the local EMA building. Its worked great for about 5 years now.
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    What about web control? I know you can offer up G3 pages from a computer without the need to buy a G3 panel. I haven't worked with this solution myself, so I'm not aware if there is any "lag" between the web page and the controller, but it should work to give you the control you want.

    I know you can do this with the improved graphics from G4 panels, but you have to buy a G4 panel in order to offer up the pages.
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    Thomas HayesThomas Hayes Posts: 1,164
    I think the hardware was the AXB-PCCOM which was an interface from the computer DB9 to AXLINK. They work fine, a little slow maybe but easy to program and use.
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    AMX offered PCLinkXtra to sell as an licensed application, replacing PCLinkPlus which is offered free of charge. PCLInkXtra is an ActiveX module that allow you to customize a PC application using Microsoft .NET and JavaScript. Using JavaScript, you can design a very nice web page interface to control NetLinx. Unfortunately, they stop selling and supporting it.

    Web Control is a Java Applet application which put your G3 panel design running in your Browser.
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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I've used G3 web control, and I have to say I'm not very happy with it, and would suggest only using it as a backup method or ancillary control method. It's very slow to load, and not terribly responsive. Even on a local network, latency within the java applet itself makes feedback spotty and unreliable. Connections are flaky, and it's fairly easy to lose the connection as well. Also, some of the G3 graphics simply don't translate properly, and a carefull crafted panel design can wind up looking awful. I have used it for a computer based "backup" panel for clients, using the same file as the hardware panel, and had to touch it up because it came out so terrible compared to the actual panel. It has been my impression (which, admittably, may be wrong) that AMX abandoned this technology in favor of the G4 VNC paradign, and it has all the earmarks of an orphaned technology. Which is a pity if true, because there are many applications where I would like better computer control where a hardware panel does not exist.
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    I don't believe that AMX has stopped selling or supporting the i!-PCLinkXtra product. It is not available via the AMX website, as it is a licensed developer tool, but to my knowledge it is still available.
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    I did receive a email from AMX technical support team telling me that they are no longer distribute and support PCLinkXtra as a product.

    PCLinkXtra is offered as specific solution developed using i!-PCLinkXtra on a 'for sale by quote' basis.

    I am glad to know if I am still supported with PCLinkXtra.

    Originally posted by Robert Savage
    I don't believe that AMX has stopped selling or supporting the i!-PCLinkXtra product. It is not available via the AMX website, as it is a licensed developer tool, but to my knowledge it is still available.
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    Charles, I did some checking on this and was informed that i!-PCLinkXtra is still an available (active) product. I also checked with technical support and it is my understanding that they will support this product in a limited capacity. As you know this is a develeper's tool so there has to be a line somewhere for tech support to distinguish between supporting the AMX component and supporting customer created applications. However, if there are any issues with the product itself you should notify tech support and they can at least get the reported issues to us in engineering for review.

    By the way when you have used i!-PCLinkXtra in the past, what programming language did you use to create your application? Did you implement the DLL interface or the OCX component? Also, please post any comments or recommendations for i!-PCLinkXtra.

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    I used JavaScript and OCX Component in my application.

    I wrote a simple feedback in Netlinx and used onChannelon Event to receive feedback from NetLinx.

    Feedback can only be received after connect, disconnect and reconnect to NetLinx Controller. I would expect to received feedback on the first connection.

    Below is an exact of the code. Hope you can help.


    Define_Program (NetLinx)

    <Script language="JavaScript1.2" FOR="PCLinkCtrl" EVENT="OnChannelOn(channel, port)">
    var temp = channel
    case 10: document.all.Light1.style.backgroundColor="green";
    case 11: document.all.Light2.style.backgroundColor="green";
    case 12: document.all.Light3.style.backgroundColor="green";
    case 13: document.all.Light4.style.backgroundColor="green";
    case 14: document.all.Light5.style.backgroundColor="green";
    case 15: document.all.Light6.style.backgroundColor="green";
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    frthomasfrthomas Posts: 176
    G3 web control is OK if you build the panel for it. It has problems with connections, though.

    AMX sells this screenless panel thing TPI4 as well you could connect the monitor and mouse to, with a switch box.

    NetLinx knows how to do TCP/IP, and therefore it is possible to develop one's proprietary control API and use VB or whatever to create some GUI on the PC. Or even serve dynamic web pages from NetLinx.

    The question really is what you need to control from the PC. Ecept TPI, no solution replaces the universality of the TPD configured AMX panel. But for limited scope dedicated stuff (like controlling the room from the PC), one of the above approaches should work IMHO.

    I guess the reason AMX does not provide some PC software is because they cannot control it works OK on all PCs. With dedicated hardware, they can. Look at the issues with TP4 and Windows XP SP 2. Developpers are willing to use a dedicated, carefully configured PC, end users certainly not. AMX does not want to be swamped by dealer problems on end user computers. I'd do the same thing.

    My two cents

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