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AXB-232++ with Clipsal PC Interface 5500PC

Hi Guys,

I am not too sure whether my request would be in the correct forum or not, but i need as much assistance that i could get from all you guys out there ...

My local dealer is currently having a problem trying to interface a Axcent3 Master with the Clipsal's C-Bus 4-DIN Channel Dimmers, even with a PC Interface 5500PC is being used.

Thanks to Logan M. and Keven C. of AV Tech Australia, my dealer is currently trying to deploy their sample C-Bus Modules that they had shared with us previously. Even with the sample C-Bus modules, the programmer reported to me recently that there are a few files that needs to be included : a rtm.exe & a cbuscmpl file that needs to be downloaded together into the 5500PC.

Anyone out there aware of such files?
Anyone familiar with the programming methods on getting the Axcent3 master to communicate with the Clipsal 5500PC?

Perhaps there's someone out there that can share with me with more information or ways on how to sort this out.

Appreciate all your kind feedbacks.

Jason Chung
AMX Malaysia
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