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LCD Aquos serial command problem

Hello Guys,
I have some problems with the serial commands. When I sent the power off it's ok (tx and rx led blinking), but when I sent the power on command always rx led blink.


  • alexanboalexanbo Posts: 282
    Well it depends on which model exactly you're using but as far as I can tell for the newer ones like the LCXX-GD6U series you can't turn the lcd on from RS-232 just off. Makes it kind of annoying as you almost have to run IR for power control and then 232 for input selection as I haven't quite figured out the discrete input selection commands from IR.
  • The Lcd model is: LC-30AD1E
  • I went thru the same thing a few months ago.
    I called up Sharp tech support and the answer I received was they couldn't enable serial power on function and keep the Green Energy Saver certification.
    I pointed out several other TV manufactures managed to do it and I got no response other then the suggestion to use IR to turn the unit on. (What?s the point of 232 then?)
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