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RMS 3.x server requirements

RMS 2.x could be installed an run on a PC with Windows XP. A server machine however was prefered.
RMS 3.x system requirements state Windows Server 2000 SP4 or Windows Server 2003 SP1. Does this mean Windows XP is no longer supported?


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    Supported OS for RMS 3.x

    Starting with RMS 3.0, only server operating systems are supported. RMS is designed for enterprise support and run as a service. It is impossible to continue to support desktop PC's for this application. Currently RMS supports Windows 2000 Server (SP4) and Windows 2003 Server (SP1).
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    TheWaltTheWalt Posts: 3
    Although minimum hardware requirements for RMS 3.x are listed, can anyone offer a more realistic set of server specifications. I am preparing for a new install that will include 24 Netlinx controlled classrooms, as well as an additional 80 IP Link monitored rooms.
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    mgorgulumgorgulu Posts: 1
    RMS MM on a VMWare


    I am trying to find out if VMWare has been listed as an "unsupported" platform to install RMS MM on anywhere in the brochures and/or datasheets.


    Mehmet Gorgulu
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    travtrav Posts: 188
    I do all my setup and testing on a Windows 2003 Enterprise server running in VMware, it makes it alot easier, giving me access to both machines on multiple desktops on the same PC.

    Works fine.
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