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Old School Landmark IRIS question

Okay dust off the cobwebs for a second. I realize this is ancient, and don't even ask why, but I'm having trouble capturing IR codes into Landmark. I've tried two different known working IRIS units so I must be doing something wrong. The basic problem is that Landmark isn't receiving from the IRIS unit.

I'm going into the inventory tab to capture the code.
I'm setting the Iris to P3. I'm getting a signal light but I'm never getting a verify light and the computer never switches from 'waiting for code'. If I go to the regular mode on the IRIS I can verify the code but when I hit send it indicates Nd or no device.

What have I forgotten? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,



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    glr-ftiglr-fti Posts: 286
    Sounds like either an incorrect/bad/in use Comm Port or a bad cable. You do need a null modem cable for the IRIS if you are not using one.
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    Thank you! I grabbed the wrong cable. Totally spaced on the null modem. Working like a charm, well a slow charm.

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