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Java Prerequisite for duet Training

I noticed that there is now a Java prerequisite for duet training exam on the AMX University page. Will the prerequesites be offered by AMX? Do you want the us to have had previous course work in JAVA, or are there particular areas of the launguage that suffice? Will duet in the future become part of the certification curricula!

John Wilhelmi
Fox River Graphics


  • Java Prerequisite for Duet Training


    I too noticed the addition of this course on the Training section of the website and I sent AMX Training some questions via email several days ago and am awaiting a response.

    According to the product roadmap published by AMX for CEDIA, internal AMX training (train the trainers) for Duet is taking place in October and November and external training is scheduled for December. The Duet Training Prerequisite online exam is password protected so it must be connected somehow to an online class or some other means by which we must be pre-qualified to take the exam. I suspect we will not be able to register for Duet onsite training at AMX until we pass the prerequisite exam.
  • Hello,

    A prerequisite test was posted for a day or two but is currently not available. More information on Duet training will be posted very soon.
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