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Polycom module error

When I am using a polycom vsx8000 duiet module I got the following error

Line 93 :: Memory Available = 13417636 <152988> - 16:40:50
Line 94 :: PolycomVSX8000 RS232 controlled 5001:1:1 - 16:40:58
Line 95 :: TSET BAUD 9600,N,8,1 485 DISABLE - 16:40:58
Line 96 :: com.amx.duet.impl.polycom.vsx8000.dr1_0_0.PolycomVSX8000: allocateComponents() - 16:40:59
Line 97 :: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError - 16:41:01
Line 98 :: ModuleActivator: ERROR: attach() could not instantiate the module. - 16:41:01

I am using a ni3000 with the CFC comes with it (I hope 64 mb)

Can anyone help me?


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    Jimweir192Jimweir192 Posts: 502
    Duet Memory

    I've used the Duet Module - it is huge, multiple instances gave me big headaches!!

    You'll need to increase the Duet Memory allocation.

    Make sure you've got the latest Duet Firmware for the NI3000

    Open a Telnet Session to the Master

    Type "set duet mem"

    You will be prompted to enter a new value between 1M & 16M

    Enter 9 (this should be enough for a couple of instances)

    Exit and Reboot.

    Check you get the Duet Virtual Port in the online tree...
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    BinuBinu Posts: 49
    Polycom VSX8000

    Thanks a lot to Mr.Jimweir.
    It works fine. I done what exactly what you said
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    Jimweir192Jimweir192 Posts: 502
    Polycom Duet Memory

    Your welcome! Glad it got you working
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    DarksideDarkside Posts: 345
    It's quite easy to forget to set the mem size and end up chasing your tail finding errors like that....

    Here's what I do in my standard code build so I can't forget!


    allocated_duet_mem = 8 // val for mb


    if (duet_mem_size_get() < allocated_duet_mem)
    wait 20 'to be sure' reboot(0)

    This will check the mem size and change it to the required size then reboot the master if it was not already set at the required val.

    It also means if the unit is swapped out for service etc. then this routine will sort that potential problem out too.
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    Jimweir192Jimweir192 Posts: 502
    Duet Mem Code

    Use virtually the same code for the same reasons!! Although I always have to remind myself to update the constant value after troubleshooting any mem issues using telnet!!

    "It was working just now and all I did was reboot!!"
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