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Installing RMS 3.0 on W2003 Server configured as Domain Controller.

Dear all,

today I have already installed a few RMS 3.0 over W2003 servers, but this time I have found a rare problem to run the application at the end of the installation... web browser reports to me that services are not running (when they are). I guess the unique issue I received during the installation process was an alert regarding de ASPNET user grants.

Well, when I went to check the aspnet user it was a surprise that aspnet user doesn't exist or at least is unacessible for me (but I have well installed IIS and .NET Framework). The fact is that the unique difference I have found this time is W2003 is configured as Domain Controller, may it be possible it was the problem?

Has anyone any idea to solve this kind of problem, if it would be possible, of course? But I think that I haven't read over any problem regarding it in the RMS admin pages, haven't I?

Thanks for your help.
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