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AM/FM Triple Tuners

After 30 hours of writing a module for the Sonance Triple Tuner I decided to contact Sonance text support to discuss some issues I was having. I subsequently got an email saying the model has been discontinued and no firmware revision were obviously scheduled.

Does any one have opinions of other brands that they would recommend so that after I take a sledge hammer to this Sonance piece I can get one and start writng a new module for a piece of equipment that works and is likely to be around and supported for a while.


  • And that device was launched in July 2004!
  • jweatherjweather Posts: 320
    Nuvo's NV-T2 can be configured with dual tuners, AM/FM output and XM output in one box. Protocol is pretty straightforward ASCII. Make sure you get the latest firmware if you want to talk to the XM tuner, though -- I don't know if they're shipping with more current firmware yet or not.

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