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Endeleo protocol

Joe HebertJoe Hebert Junior MemberPosts: 2,159
Does anyone know where I can find the protocol for Endeleo? Has anyone worked with the Endeleo product line and be willing to share their experience with it?



  • TonyAngeloTonyAngelo Code Monkey Posts: 315
    We implemented it in a Bar/Restaurant about nine months ago with good results. A few things I don't like; the VGA breakout cables needed for component video input and the need for baluns when inputing composite video.

    These are somewhat minor complaints for a product that will send component and composite video, digital audio, analog audio, IR control, RS-232 control, and take in an IR input all over a single Cat5. Very easy to setup and program.

    If you're referring to serial protocol, when we installed this back in November the serial port on the back of the UDM was not active. We had to control it over IP.
  • ImpaqtImpaqt Junior Member Posts: 155
    I actually was one of the first dealers to install one of these systems in a Bank.... I cant for th elife of me remeber what the problem exactly was... But the RS-232 Did/Does work.. There is a misprint/Mistake in the documentation....

    Have to did out my notes if this is still any sort of an issue sine they are AMX now...
  • Endeleo UDM interface

    Hope this helps..
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